ArCADia BIM współpracuje z programem AutoCAD®

See how ArCADia BIM is compatible with AutoCAD® software.

What is ArCADia BIM?

ArCADia BIM AC is an extension for AutoCAD® software with advanced industry modules supporting designers in the creation of complex DWG drawings. The extended specialist functions of the ArCADia BIM system introduce the designer in an intuitive manner into an environment of many construction sectors, supporting him or her in designing practically all the installations in buildings. The system concept of industry specific programs working in close cooperation with each other was formed in our company approximately 10 years ago. The beginnings of the idea of this system date back to the ArCADia-ARCHITECTURE and ArCADia-IntelliCAD 2008 programs. Their primary purpose was to accelerate the creation of a DWG drawing by using objects rather than just lines in the drawing being prepared. Designed for the construction industry, these programs had no individualized modules then. However, they were equipped with internal mechanisms as well as additional drawing functions, among others, automatic drawing of walls, insertion of windows, doors, compiling lists, the use of an extensive library of DWG blocks. In this way ArCADia was born and ArCADia-IntelliCAD software became the base of information of the project for specialized discipline software. The market success of the program has finally convinced us about the correctly chosen development path of the CAD applications. This has allowed us to design subsequent innovative discipline applications specifically for, among others, designers of building networks and systems. The ArCADia system also has its own graphic engine, which initially was the ArCADia-GRAF software, then converted into the ArCADia-START module. In the following years we introduced the ArCADia-SEWAGE INSTALLATIONS, ArCADia-POWER NETWORKS products to the market. A breakthrough for the whole ArCADia software was the creation of ArCADia-TERMO, in which the possibility of data import from a DWG drawing made using the ArCADia-ARCHITECTURE extension, the idea of free data exchange between applications was evidently demonstrated, which is certainly a revolutionary benefit for users of our programs. At this stage we started to think about building our own design system consistent with the BIM technology assumptions [Building Information Modelling]. At the same time, the newly created situation in the construction market related to the need to produce energy efficiency certificates and, as a result, a very large interest in ArCADia-TERMO software, increased our efforts to make ArCADia-ARCHITECTURE software available also to AutoCAD users, so that they could swiftly and efficiently prepare energy certificates. From that moment on, the whole ArCADia system has been gradually transferred to the AutoCAD® software environment, and at the same time subsequent new industry modules have been created. Today, the ArCADia BIM system is a complex CAD environment fully compliant with BIM assumptions, consisting of the basic graphic engine available in three versions: ArCADia 10 / PLUS 10 / LT 10 as well as AC version for AutoCAD® software and almost twenty discipline modules covering all construction sectors.

ArCADia BIM AC współpracuje z programem AutoCAD

ArCADia BIM and AutoCAD® software.

Currently all modules - ArCADia BIM system industry extensions are available for AutoCAD® program users. The full set of ArCADia BIM system modules at present consists of the following programs ArCADia-ARCHITECTURE, ArCADia-GAS INSTALLATIONS, ArCADIa-EXTERNAL GAS INSTALLATIONS, ArCADia-SEWAGE INSTALLATIONS, ArCADia-WATER SUPPLY INSTALLATIONS, ArCADia-HEATING INSTALLATIONS, ArCADia-ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS, ArCADia-DISTRIBUTION BOARD, ArCADia-POWER NETWORKS, ArCADia-TELECOMMUNICATIONS NETWORKS, ArCADia-SURVEYOR, ArCADia-ESCAPE ROUTES, ArCADia-REINFORCED CONCRETE POLE, ArCADia- REINFORCED CONCRETE SLAB as well as supplementary modules: ArCADia-3D MAKER, ArCADia-3D VIEWER, ArCADia-TEXT, ArCADia-IFC. The current version of ArCADia AC supports the latest versions of AutoCAD® software, namely AutoCAD® 2015, 2016, 2017 in 32bit and the 64bit version. Projects created in the ArCADia BIM system, regardless of the graphic editor, so also in the AutoCAD® environment, are fully compliant with the DWG 2013 format. Projects are portable and available to users of other manufacturers' CAD software. ArCADia system's default file type is the DWG format. A DWG file created in ArCADia BIM system, as well as the CAD drawing, also stores a model of the building, its description, structure and facilities. Any designer using a different CAD application, after opening a DWG file generated in ArCADia BIM system, will see it as a standard CAD drawing. Additional information that the ArCADia BIM system introduces to a DWG file is completely transparent to the other applications. The designer can introduce changes and add their own drawing elements to such drawings without any limitations. The AutoCAD extension with ArCADia BIM system gives many benefits to the designer, while allowing time needed to prepare the drawing to be substantially shortened, definitely facilitated performance of the project within the scope of all building systems as well as networks around buildings. At the same time, ArCADia BIM guarantees that the compatibility of the project in DWG format with other CAD software will be preserved. However, in our opinion the greatest advantage of extending AutoCAD® software with the ArCADia BIM system is the functionality of easy cooperation with other designers, contracting works to them with regard to making parts of the project, then the possibility of comparison, detecting collisions and integration of the whole into one DWG file. Using the ArCADia BIM system in AutoCAD® environment, we enjoy all the advantages of working according to the assumptions of BIM technology in the familiar CAD environment.

ArCADia  AC for AutoCAD® software

What is ArCADia BIM AC software?

ArCADia AC is a special version of ArCADia BIM system designed for AutoCAD users. When buying software in this version, you get the installation version of the program, which is designed only for AutoCAD® software - the installer requires the presence of AutoCAD installed on the user’s computer. After installing ArCADia AC in AutoCAD, you get access to a number of tool bars representing different discipline modules and extending AutoCAD® software with functionalities supporting designers in the creation of complex DWG drawings, such as designs of electrical, water supply or sewage systems. Extended specialist functions of ArCADia BIM system intuitively introduce every designer into the environment of many construction industries, supporting them in designing practically every building installation as well as the networks and systems around it.